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  • Can you place the legends on these 100 sheets in the top right corner?

  • We need to change the drawing sequencing from a-1... to DWG-A-001…

  • A clash in toilet area in level 1 between a beam and a pipe and both are in separate model. And it's quite hard to describe the location to the other team.

  • Can you change sheet names to all Uppercase instead?

Worry no more. THE BIM TOOLS  got you covered, with its initial arsenal of tools all the tasks listed above are as simple as a few clicks of a button.

What's inside

With the accumulated years of experience in the BIM industry, TBF understands the common time-consuming tasks that BIM users encounter in almost all of the projects. THE BIM TOOLS aims to augment its users with powerful yet user-friendly Revit add-ins which can help to make complicated problems into a simple few-click solution.

The initial release tools tackle the 3 fields in Revit for model and documentation task: coordination, annotation placement & sheet management. Refer to the links below to learn more about the tools.

Rename Sheet BIM Tool.png

Helps users to rename Multiple sheets by adding a set of rules or directly editing in the Preview pane.

Place Legend icon.png

Helps users to place/copy multiple legends to multiple sheets or align existing legends from one sheet to another.


Whether it is a linked or non-linked model, click to get the ‘element id' instantly, ready in your clipboard.

Icon-Manager-BIM Tool.png

Built for BIM/ Design Managers

Streamline the manual, tedious BIM tasks and shift focus into what's valuable to you the most: design & BIM management.

BIM Tool.png

Easy to use

Tested with all TBF employees from all background, THE BIM TOOLS makes sure that the tool and its guidelines are intuitive and understandable by its users.

Feed back system

Feed back system

As TBF we deeply care about customer/user experience and that's why we have Integrated inside the add-in feedback and share buttons for easier user access. We would love to get feedback from the users for us to further enhance our system to deliver the optimum quality.

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