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No more late nights.

Just design.

Implementing BIM means fewer construction issues by more design effort.
But increasingly, it takes designers more into BIM than their favorable design practice.

We've helped
Archi/ ID principles,
directors & associates

in the Middle East, US, UK, 
Hong Kong, Australia...
release the BIM burden
of intensive modeling & documentation, while maintaining extreme focus
on what they're best at:


BIM Design Modeling.

From early schemes
to complete BIMs.

Whether you have 3D concept models, point-clouds, 2D CAD, sketches, or even images, we develop them into extreme detail BIM models following your design directives, ready for coordination & documentation.

A clubhouse in Vietnam 1.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 3.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 2.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 4.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 5.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 6.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 7.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 8.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 9.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 10.jpg
A clubhouse in Vietnam 11.jpg

BIM Design Documentation.

Finest details for your clientele.

Whether plans, elevations, sections... we record your design to its ultimate details. And you no longer need to track design RFIs, clashes, markups... They are all handled within our robust TBF Design Management system. 

BIM Design Clash Coordination.

A clash on-screen is cheaper than on-site, about a dozen times. Not just construction cost, but your time cost of fixing it with the site team. We help you detect all these problems beforehand to make sure your design is not just classy, but clash-free.

DSC01783 copy.jpg

Less RFIs.
Less time for site.

BIM Interactive Design Visualization.

Let your design 
guide your client.

Walk around, dim the light, see the view, day n' night… There is no better way to present your work than to have your client experience it, especially in VR. We provide you all these in Twinmotion & Unreal Engine.

Kickoff. Get done. Submit.

And among the diverse works we shipped, there is one thing in common.
It’s the design vision of our clients, now realized in extreme presentation.

Project Arc/Interior

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