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Nothing is more important than the people of a company. Especially with us, we believe that our people are the engines that make our company run. The happier and refined our people, the more effective and successful our company will be.


Han Hoang

CEO, Board member, Chairman

Our Founders.

Han co-founded THE BIM FACTORY with the vision of creating the most forward-thinking BIM consulting company in Vietnam.

A graduate of MIT with a Masters of Science in Architectural Studies, his primary professional goal is to collectively fuse the practices of architectural design, construction, and management, which have long been divided, into a unified and cohesive BIM process.

Maryline Vo

COO, Board member

Maryline is a co-founder and is responsible for the operation, finance and human resources - all the
super important stuff - at THE BIM FACTORY.


Originally from in Lyon, France, her aspiration has always been to ensure that THE BIM FACTORY is a unique working environment that everyone looks forward to coming to.


It is a place where all visions, sharing of ideas, and passion are encouraged and embraced.


Our BIM management leaders combine for over 80 years of experience in the design, engineering, and construction industry. 

Our leaders not only are involved as committee members to assist the development of BIM in Vietnam but also been apart of defining the definitions of the BIM development we use today.

Our Leaders.

...and the rest of our Family.

We are young, focused, and are dedicated to pushing the limit of BIM in our industry. 
We are leaders in our respective fields and also spearheading the BIM implementation for Vietnam. 

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