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Our Playground. Elevated.

CaseStudy LFB 19.jpg

Welcome to
La Fabbrik.

Going back to our roots of operating out of a factory, La Fabbrik is a play-on-words name based on the French word "Fabrique" which stands for the fabrication. As you’ve guessed, this factory that you’re standing in was fabricated from modular parts and assembled on-site.

The vision for our new THE BIM FACTORY office is the combination of spatial modification, prefabrication components, and modular design. Taking over an old ice factory then became a warehouse, we retrofitted this building to become our new office space.

The Process

CaseStudy LFB 12.jpg

Concept Ideation.

Every project starts with an idea, then we got everyone involved. We got opinions and persepectives from everyone in the company. Because after all, this is OUR space. Using SketchUp, we were able to quickly visualize our ideas and made prompt decisions.

CaseStudy LFB 14.jpg

Design In Harmony.

Our architectural design team are the most comfortable designing in ArchiCAD. We generated preliminary layouts, programming, and spatial configurations in ArchiCAD at the early stage of the design process.

CaseStudy LFB 13.jpg

Construction Works.
Recap + Revit + Navisworks.

We used RECAP at the beginning as well as during the construction to verify the design and the actual built work. When construction started, we moved the design model into REVIT in order to generate documentations. This was the most familiar format we all can agree on. Along the way, we used NAVISWORKS in order to coordinate.

CaseStudy LFB 15.jpg

From Uncertainty To Reality.
Leica P40 + Blk360.

We used Leica P40 laser scanner to start this existing conditions work. We created point-clouds from the scans, then used Cyclone to clean up the mess, then we created the SketchUp models based on the point clouds.

Meet our Visionary Designers Who made this Space a Reality.

It started with a single vision from our CEO and COO of turning a un-usable storage warehouse into a dedicated and functional space, then our amazing design and build team took over and realized it from there.

The Team.

Long Tran 2.jpg

Long, who is our consummate design leader, was as persistence as ever and made sure everyone on the team was committed to making a space we are truly proud of.

Long Tran

Senior Design Manager

Tu Huynh 3.jpg

Tu Huynh

Interior Design Manager

Our lead interior designer, Tu and her team, My, Phuc, Tai, Duc, and Thuy, made sure we selected the right products, using the right materials, and selected the right colors for this space.

CaseStudy LFB 4.jpg

Duy Le

Concept Design

Duy was the first one who came up with the layout and initial concept of this entire space. His experience of knowing our CEO’s vision since 2009 - when they met at a coffee shop - helped Duy to head down the right path from the beginning.

Design Team TBF.png

Meet our Managers, Builders, and Everything Team.

Realizing and constructing a space of this type is certainly not easy. But our team took it on full-fledged. We actually started this project with another management team and when that didn’t work, our current and trusted team took over.

With the help of Vicente and his committment to making sure everything was done the right way, the team did and re-did many things over and over to get it “right”.

Our construction manager Linh made sure all the sub-contractors did what they were supposed to do - even though he wasn’t the one who selected them.

Our most reliable and everything man, Thai - who is an MEP engineer, literally put on his working gloves and started to do most of the labor himself.

Thuc and Tien made sure all the materials are paid for, delievered and keep on top of payments for the sub-contractors. Without these guys, we would not have the space we are standing in now.


La Fabbrik.

THE “elevated” BIM

So here we are...

We call our new playground “elevated” because we consider our new space to be raised up at a whole new level. A level - personally and professionally for all of us at TBF - which we have never been before in terms of what we do and who we are.

This space is dedicated to everyone who has been with us at this company since 2014 until now. We are here because of everyone’s focus, dedication, and hardwork.

From the beginning, we set out to build our future together and change the way Vietnam designs and builds. Now, we are helping to reshape our entire industry - one BIM model at a time and long the way, with the completion of La Fabbrik, we hope we have encourage everyone to rethink about how an “office” space, or any space, is thought of, utilized, and realized.

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