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Unreal x TBF

Unreal Engine x THE BIM FACTORY

TBF Embraces Unreal Engine as the next form of BIM and bringing visualization not just as render stills but as an immersive and informative experience. Unreal Engine offers real-time realistic renders by its latest sophisticated lighting system called ‘Lumen’ which enables light reflections and interactions to materials close to reality.

With the power of information fed into the REVIT model which then in turn is translated to Unreal Engine data information with DATASMITH this combination then level ups BIM into a whole new playing field.

With a team of Architects, Engineers, and now, as well as software developers,THE BIM FACTORY now can proudly say that we are capable of instructing and constructing Unreal Engine powered applications and looking forward to evangelizing the the next level of Building Information Modelling and Visualization.



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Jan Kevin Pascasio

​Unreal Authorized Instructor

Using his extensive repertoire of experience with the Engineering and BIM industry, Jan Kevin has been leading a team of both MEP and Research & Development professionals to streamline BIM modeling workflows ensuring efficient deliveries of projects.


He shares his knowledge in digital trends and practices by conducting various trainings and seminars or by just simply hands-on / on the -fly coaching. From his experience of design, on-site construction and inspection, modeling and visual programming, he develops and implements strategies for competent building information models while ensuring conformity to the latest industry standards.

And now, as an Unreal Engine evangelist himself, he have conducted several trainings within  and outside THE BIM FACTORY to share his knowledge of Unreal Engine’s potential throughout various application in different industries.

Hoa Pham 2.png

Hoa Pham

​Unreal Authorized Instructor

His background is Applied Informatics In Construction, so he has

a good understanding of construction and informatics. He has

create many tools for the construction field quickly and efficiently.


He joined TBF's R&D team to explore and research new technologies.


He has shared his insights with programming courses, both in offline

and online.

And now, as one of the first Vietnam based, Vietnamese speaking

Unreal Engine evangelist himself, he is willing to share his knowledge

throughout the Vietnamese community on jumpstarting into Unreal Engine

and apply it into various industries as the students see fit.

Courses Offered

Short Courses

autodesk-revit icon.png

Revit To Unreal Engine

Duration 10 hrs

This course is directed towards users of Revit who would want to transition into Unreal Engine.

In this course, AEC professionals will be able to utilize the geometry models and BIM parameters they have set in Revit  and import them into Unreal Engine via Datasmith tool.

This can work from a finished BIM Model to a Live working model. Further into this course course students will be able to learn how to seamlessly switch workflow from revit to unreal engine and use up Quixel Materials to level-up their Revit model’s visual quality as well as Using Unreal Engine’s Foliage and landscaping built-in system to give life of the environment of the model.




Learner Level: Revit User and Unreal Engine Beginner.

Learner Level: Revit User and Unreal Engine Beginner.

| Duration:  6-10 hrs

| Duration:  6-10 hrs

Blue Print.png

The Blueprint Visual Scripting system in Unreal Engine is a complete gameplay scripting system based on the concept of using a node-based interface to create gameplay elements from within Unreal Editor. As with many common scripting languages, it is used to define object-oriented (OO) classes or objects in the engine. As you use UE4, you'll often find that objects defined using Blueprint are colloquially referred to as just "Blueprints."*

In this course, we will dive deeper into using Blueprints from fundamentals to the more specific functions and create one of your very first working games that is built with all Blueprint actors implementing all tackled principles in the entire discussions.

Unreal Engine Coding for Non-Developers - Blueprints

Unreal Engine Coding for Non-Developers - Blueprints

Duration 10 hrs

#Blueprints                                                         #FirstGame
#VisualScripting                                              #Functions

Learner Level: Beginner - Intermediate            |Duration: 10hrs

Duration 10 hrs

Introduction to Twin Motion

Twinmotion white icon.png

Twinmotion is a real-time visualization tool powered by Unreal Engine that enables anyone—from architects, urban planners, and landscaping professionals, to designers working on consumer products, transportation, or even fashion, and beyond—to quickly and easily produce high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360° VR videos, and interactive presentations from design data.*

In this course, you will be able to learn on how to use TwinMotion software from basic to intermediate practices. From the very basic of the interface of,  importing and placing assets, Adjusting the weather conditions, Placing moving Vehicles and people, Lighting preparation etc. Down to the final exports of your project in a video file format or an image format.

#TwinMotion Interface  

#Render Outputs   

#Twinmotion Scene
#Weather and Environment


Learner Level: Beginner                      | Duration: 6-10hrs

Courses are now open for applicants! Contact us to sign-up
Courses will start as early as February 13, 2023.

Full Courses

Unreal Engine For Achitecture

Duration 30 hrs

Unread for Arc.png

This course is a full hands-on workshop for beginners that is is designed as an introduction for AEC industry professionals to gain skills on using Unreal Engine as part of the BIM Workflow.

All participants will learn through series of projects that is tailor-made to showcase the extent of each lesson / module. As a participant, you'll learn and experience the basics of the Unreal engine interface and expound its use cases to data import and asset management, material creation, lighting, and programming interactions with the Unreal Engine Blueprint System and specially in real-time visualizations.

By the end of the course, you'll have an overview of the steps, tools, and workflows required to create your first Unreal applications and using unreal to create renders. There will be a special focus on the requirements in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.




Learner Level: Beginner - Intermediate             | Duration: 30hrs

Courses are now open for applicants! Contact us to sign-up
Courses will start as early as March 01, 2023.

Sample output done by

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