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Rename Sheet


The tool helps users to rename Multiple sheets by adding a set of rules or directly editing in the Preview pane.

Rename Sheet 1.png

In Revit >> THE BIM TOOLS | TBF Ribbon in GENERAL panel:

Rename Sheet - View 1-1.png

If you select sheet before run the tool: the form will show current sheets first

Search sheet: Search the string is contain

Rename Sheet - Check All.png

Check all Sheets

Rename Sheet - Check None.png

Check none

Rename Sheet - Expand All.png

Expand all sheets

Rename Sheet - Collapse All.png

Collapse all sheets

Rename Sheet - Show Checked.png
Rename Sheet - Reset.png

Status of shown sheets: Show all / Show  checked sheets only

Rename Sheet - View 1-2.png

Rule options: 

Select if the rule will be applied to Sheet Number or Sheet Name prior to adding any rule

Numbering - Creates numbering sequence starting with the number listed on the start index User can also add a Prefix and/or suffix for the numbering sequence by placing characters in the Prefix and/or Suffix text box.

  • Start index : place where the numbering to be inserted. 0 if user wants to place it on start (will be superseded be Prefix)

  • Length Number: this is the number of digits

  • Prefix / Suffix

  • Suffix

Insert - Place a character/text at specified position of Sheet Name / Sheet Number (start, end, or at the middle of the text)

  • Text insert

  • Index insert: Start, end or at any index

Convert Case - Change the 'Letter case' of the entire text of the Sheet Name / Sheet Number as per selected option. (Letter format is as shown on text option)


  • Lower case

  • Proper Case

  • Sentence case

Find and Replace -  Search the text (Case Sensitive) in the Sheet Name/Sheet Number and replace it with new specified text. Leave 'Replace Text' Text box as blank to remove the searched text.

  • Text Find

  • Text Replace: can be blank

Rename Sheet - View 2.png

When the user clicks on the ‘Show rule’ button, a form containing all ‘added rules’ will be shown.


User can delete rule/s by clicking on the ‘Trash icon’

Users can save settings and load again for future use or template transfer.

Note: If the preview pane does not update from the loaded .json file , click update rule to refresh the preview pane.

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