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We provide
creative BIM solutions
for all project types.

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Our BIM Projects team takes the hard and tedious work of creating BIM models out of our client's hands. 

We have been building BIM-enabled models even before we were established in 2013. We have gotten very good at it and we are improving every day.

We are a one-stop-shop for BIM support. Our team is capable of providing full-scope BIM services from Modeling to Coordination to Training the project team to perform BIM at an optimal level. 


From translating small boutique spaces to master planning of an entire city, we have the resources and capabilities to help our clients' BIM needs. Some of our most popular BIM Projects services are:

+ BIM 3D Modeling

+ BIM Coordination

+ BIM Management

+ BIM Documentation

+ BIM Implementation

Our data and content creation team is fully focused on optimizing the process of creating BIM components, data, and libraries.

Our BIM Content Creation team specializes in the process of creating the most important aspect of BIM, that is, the accurate and proper utilization of BIM data and information. We customize our own workflow of BIM content creation for all types of use and functions.

Our main objective is to make sure our clients are set-up with the right tools and digital content to maximize the effectiveness of BIM.

Some of our BIM Content Creation services are:


+ Customized products.

+ Input data and information.

+ IFC mapping and configuration.

+ LOD specified products.

+ Cloud library management.

One of the very few 100% BIM-enabled design & build company in Vietnam.

Our design and build division (dnb) utilizes the BIM process from beginning to end. As a leading BIM consultant company, this is only natural for our design team to use BIM. 


When designing in BIM, the process helps to mitigate errors, save time and money. Smart developers always choose BIM-enabled companies when it comes to design, engineering, and construction.

Visit our dedicated dnb website for more information. 

BIM technology.

The next big thing in BIM.

BIM Technology focuses on the methodologies and techniques of complimenting and enhancing BIM | VDC by integrating the latest advancement of technology into the BIM Process. 


We have a dedicated division of process and system engineers who look to transform the way in which we can design, analyze, and construct the built environments.

We are currently developing many internal customized BIM data-enriched platforms for the Real Estate and Design industry. Most of these products will be released very soon. 

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