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BIM Content Creation 

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BIM Content Team.

​The primary purpose of our BIM Content Team is to support our clients to create BIM-enriched data and content ready for BIM use.


The process of BIM content creation can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we have created a team specialized in this process in order to save our clients the headaches that come with wasting time and costs. 

Some of our very popular BIM content creation services are:

+ Customized products.

+ Input data and information.

+ IFC mapping and configuration.

+ LOD specified products.

+ Cloud library management.

We work directly with our clients to make sure their entire library of templates and details are translated into proper BIM-enriched components.

Want to know how fast this process can be?

MEP Objects

MEPF Objects

Often there are many ready-made BIM objects of equipment and products available. However, for our manufacturing clients, they have specialized products that are unique and specific for various types of functions and uses.


We save our clients a lot of time by customizing their catalog of products into BIM objects and ready for designers to insert them into their BIM models. 


Architectural Objects

For any architectural or engineering firm to become BIM-enabled, one of the first things they will need is their customized library of BIM-enriched components, templates, and objects.

We make this process easy and seamless by working directly with the design team in order to create the contents that adhere to and complement their design process. 

Without this proper setup and understanding, BIM objects become ineffective and often costly for the designer. 

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