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​The primary purpose of our BIM Implementation team is to create an exclusive BIM identity for every client that we work with because we know that every project is unique and have different requirements. 

We have 2 types of BIM Implementation services:

+ Project-based

+ Company-based

All of which involve the BIM process and modeling training support.

Want to ore about BIM Implementation? 



This is a process that focuses on specific projects that are required to implement BIM immediately either at the beginning of the project or during a specific phase.


The transition from traditional 2D CAD to 3D BIM processes takes significant effort, resources, and time.


By focusing on a project-based process, we are able to look closely at the project requirements by analyzing the current workflows and deliverables in order to create best practices approaches for the team to work efficiently and effectively. 



When a company is looking to adopt BIM permanently, we utilize a company-based approach. We identify and analyze the company's current set-up, technological abilities, and resources capacities through various assessment criteria and discovery sessions.


Once the specific objectives and goals are established, we then create customized solutions such as execution plans, standards, guidelines, and allocation of proper resources to maximize profit and minimize operation costs long-term.

Here are some of the implementation projects we are currently working on or have completed.

Lancaster Lux.

BIM consultancy.

Owner: Trung Thuy Group

Architect: SCDA Singapore | TWOG Vietnam


Located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, The Lancaster Lux has approximately 70,000 square meters of floor area with two primary towers. Our team is responsible for the entire BIM operation of this project.

As a project-based process, we implemented and controlled the entire BIM scope for all the consultants on the project as well as coordinating all the trades and export error reports for the designers to resolve. 

This project is currently under design. 

Elenberg Fraser.

BIM implementation strategy.

We have customized an entire BIM  implementation strategy to assist Elenberg Fraser to adopt BIM in the most efficient way possible. 

Elenberg Fraser (EF) is an award-winning and one of the top architectural firms in Australia. Located in the thriving city of Melbourne, EF recognizes the importance of being a leader in their industry. They understand that progress of the industry is heading towards the virtual building environment, therefore, they also recognize that BIM is the next must thing to know in order to stay competitive and ahead of the game. 

We were able to create a customized solution based on our assessment of the company through reports and discovery sessions conducted in Melbourne. 

This year-long implementation strategy includes Process Implementation Plan, training plans, guidelines, manuals, and strategy guides for EF's entire global operation.

Image by Elenberg Fraser

Lancaster Lincoln.

BIM consultancy.

Owner: Trung Thuy Group

Architect: NQH Architects


Located in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, The Lancaster Lincoln has over 65,000 square meters of floor area with two primary towers. Our team is responsible for the entire BIM modeling and operation of this project.

As a project-based implementation, we controlled all of the BIM processes from the design all the way to the construction of this work. We created customized BIM execution plans and guidelines for the entire team to follow. 

This project is currently under design. 

Image by Trung Thuy Group | Lancaster Lincoln

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