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UK to support Vietnam in building Smart Cities.

With the increasing development in software technology in the Building Construction industry across the globe and the transferring of the current 2D building environment into the new and exciting 3D environment. Incorporating all the new possibilities made available within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.

BuildingSMART UK, founded in 1995 and a global champion of the BIM environment, in conjunction with the UK Prime Minister’s department and the Commonwealth Foundation are to provide non-refundable aid to the Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction (MoC). The collaboration between Vietnam and the UK is to support Vietnamese citizens in developing high-tech infrastructure skills, in the construction of smart buildings and smart cities across Vietnam.

Image courtesy of British Business Group Vietnam

THE BIM FACTORY (TBF), a local Vietnamese company here in Ho Chi Minh City and being one of the major construction industry BIM leaders, will be hopping to play a major role in this development within the building construction industry across Vietnam.

TBF with its 5 years plus of BIM implementation and Management experience within Vietnam and around the world will be working with the Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction (MoC) over the coming years, to ensure the collaboration of technology between the UK and Vietnam is integrated into the building construction industry in Vietnam. Enabling the Vietnamese citizens to harvest the huge benefits of BIM implemented smart building projects and smart cities in bettering the standard of living throughout Vietnam.

The future looks bright for Vietnam and her citizen’s, with its continued economic growth and increased collaboration and partnerships with countries across the globe enhancing in the development of technology and economic skill here in Vietnam.

Image courtesy of the University of Surrey

Paul Millward



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