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Top 10 fastest growing 3D tech services in 2019.

To many friends of TBF around the globe, we are just listed as the top 10 Fastest Growing 3D Technology Service Providers to Watch in 2019, according to the latest APAC Business Headlines's magazine.

Top 10 Fastest Growing 3D Technology Service Providers to Watch in 2019.

But how we made it?

Along with the ranking announcement, this issue is also our chance to share with you about the journey we have been on during the last 5 years. Though BIM is usually viewed as an ideal solution to a range of the industry challenges, companies fail to implement it as facing all kinds of new issue. And TBF has always been the guy handling that matter for our clients, so they can focus on what they do best.

To date, over 50 people in 4 divisions are providing our best to support partners in 12 hottest BIM-demanding countries and regions, including Hongkong, Singapore, and the UAE's Dubai.

“We are focused on achieving superior standards of BIM modeling production and creating the best BIM value for effective design and technology. We work hard at providing the highest achievements for all our clients by assessing project demands, goals and specific project execution strategies.” states Han Hoang, the CEO.

Our team in a typical workshop.

About the magazine.

The APAC Business Headlines is a knowledge platform for industry leaders and professionals to share experiences within the enterprise IT community help leaders connect through their channels, and move towards broader levels of technology adoption.

"In this issue, we present the stories of the top 10 fast growing 3D technology service providers of the region. We believe these companies are contributing the most in their respective fields." states the magazine in page 20.

Wanna know our whole story? Here it is for you:


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