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The Ocean Resort Reception Building.

Lead designer.

The Ocean Resort Reception Building is a 2-level plus a basement totaling 3,500 square meter area containing a main reception area, a spa, a gym, kid's center, a restaurant, conference rooms, offices and staff back-of-house areas.

The challenge for this project lies in its location and duration. This building was to serve as the main function space for the existing apartment units and villas. However, because the other spaces came before this particular building, it has to work within the constraints of the existing site.

Additionally, we had to design this project to fit a specific budget and timeline. The main challenge was not in the design itself, but it was in the coordination of the design and the other disciplines. 

As the lead designer on this project, we were responsible for the architecture, structure, MEPF, landscape, and the interior of the project. The design was completed in February of 2018 and construction is to start in April 2018 with a completion date towards the beginning of 2019.

Our scope:

  • Lead designer.

  • Architecture.

  • Interior.

  • Landscape.

  • MEPF.

  • Structural.

Our architectural team:

  • Duy Le

  • Ngoc Tran

  • Doan Vo

  • Nhi Cuu

  • Giang Dao

  • Le Quach.

Our interior team:

  • Long Tran

  • Tu Huynh

  • Thu Le

  • Nghia Pham

  • Phuc Nguyen

  • My Luong.

Our admin & coordination team:

  • Toan Nguyen

  • Tien Huynh

  • Hieu Doan

  • Nhut Pham

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