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The future of the building industry has arrived.

And it brought along integration, information, collaboration, fabrication, mass-production and automation.

For our building industry, the future has always been comprised of unimaginable, fantastic and out-of-this-world technologies with marvelous features which make it seems as if it will never be achievable, until now!

The world has certainly gotten smaller. So small in fact that everything seems to be within our grasp. Logistics, a factor that has always been the main impediment that slowed down the progress of the building industry is now perhaps no longer an issue. Because in the manufacturing world, order your parts or products of any scale or complexity in Shenzhen and it arrives at your door in New York City two to four days later. That in itself is inconceivable a few years ago and certainly a game-changer for almost any industry. How can we duplicate this for the building industry?

Additionally, with the arrival of IoT (Internet of Things), communication and collaboration within different time zones have now become non-issues. Furthermore, sharing information and collecting data which were all laborious hurdles in the past have now become remarkably simple.

Technology has certainly changed our world and now, we are seeing it beginning to change one of our oldest professions.

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