• Nhut Pham

THE BIM FACTORY and UnimatRIK agree to collaborate.

On August 2nd, 2017, UnimatRIK from Japan visited our office to discuss collaboration efforts to tackle the landscape design market not just in Japan, but also for Vietnam and ASEAN. UnimatRIK Inc. also known as RIK Corporation was established in 1988 in Tokyo Japan.

RIK Corporation is a CAD/CG software developer for the exterior and landscape industry. RIK offer various solutions including 3DCAD "RIKCAD" to approximately 6,200 customers nationwide for exterior specialty shops, landscaping, building companies, etc. 

TBF and RIK agree to support each other for the development of the RIKCAD application for technology and human resources. Our combined forces allow each company to gain a valuable partner to support the technical landscape business in Vietnam, Japan, and eventually Singapore.