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The 4th Fablabs Asian Network Conference.

The 4th Fablab Asia Network Conference – FAN4 was successfully held by Fablab Saigon from May 2nd to May 5th. This is a 4-day meeting for Fab-makers sponsored by THE BIM FACTORY and THE FAB FACTORY, which was attended by nearly 100 people who are inventors, engineers and education experts from Japan, Taiwan, South Korean, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Jordan and Vietnam. With the main theme “Co-create A Better World”, the conference gave international participants opportunities to design, to co-create solutions with local makers and organizations.

As the opening of the conference, Han Hoang - CEO of TBF and TFF - had shared about our idea “Fabricating low-cost housing for Vietnam”, to help low-income people afford a home to live, with a vision to better people’s lives in Vietnam. Also, TFF represented a new technology in Vietnam construction: Modular Fabrication Technology based on BIM – which is more disruptive and convenient building method helps saving time, resource and ensures the quality.

During the course of the conference, there were discussions with speakers on invention and creative education – a way to encourage children to self-learn, to proactively solve challenges. Those speakers who are Directors of Fablabs around Asia, brought a lot of great methods, inventions to apply on their education, such as fundamental technologies, new study methods, building laboratories to launch start-ups, etc. In company with that, domestic and international inventors were teaming up to handle several daily problems in Vietnam with solutions that facilitate sustainable growth. The ideas were presented to a group of start-ups on the last day of the event.

And after a very intensive poll, most of the fab-makers voted Seoul to be the next organizer of FAN5. Follow us to keep yourself updated about all the information of FAN5, our BIM & FAB technology, and the all the news about TBF & TFF.

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