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TBF Launches TBF Academy.

THE BIM FACTORY along with IVDC VN (Institute of Virtual Design and Construction | Vietnam) officially launches an academy focusing on real-world and hands-on training of BIM modeling, coordination and management in Vietnam. 

IVDC Vietnam is an education institution dedicated to the VDC movement. VDC stands for Virtual Design and Construction and is a term that is well known throughout the industry as the future of design and construction. Usually associated with the entire life-cycle of the project, VDC is recognized as the next big thing for our AEC industry. 

BIM on the other hand stands for Building Information Modeling which is more associated with the design and engineering process. BIM is a process that uses collaboration and technology to make the designing and engineering of buildings much more efficient. BIM is usually referred to a process that is the first of many steps for VDC. 

With the establishment of TBF Academy, IVDC Vietnam utilizes TBF's real-world experiences to develop and train modelers, coordinators and managers. TBF is a leader of BIM consultancy work in Vietnam for the past 3 years. With over 80 BIM models completed, TBF certainly knows how to build it right and it's only natural for us to create an academy that focuses on training those who want to be the best. Since BIM works more effectively as a regional-based process, Vietnam - unlike any other country - has a unique way of working and achieving optimal results. As the third fastest developing nations in Asia only behind China and India, Vietnnam has finally welcomed the adoption of BIM and VDC on a national scale after many years of resistance. 

TBF Academy strive to create the "gold standard" for BIM training and become the industry leaders dedicated to the teaching of advanced BIM process and technology in response to industry's demands for qualilty BIM professionals.

For more information TBF Academy please visit or follow it on Facebook @learnTBFAcademy.


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