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“Revit or ArchiCAD, which one is better than the other in terms of BIM?”

It is one of the most common yet interesting questions for career advice in this industry nowadays. Don’t know if it is relevant, but here is what I commented: Is Revit or ArchiCAD - a BIM authoring software, my tool just to produce a work, or my work itself? It’s like: is iOS or Android - a mobile operating system, my tool to produce a phone call, or my working platform to make an app?

If it’s a tool to produce a piece of work, like a design, Then I would choose which one I find the most intuitive to accomplish my work. Afterward, a company has similar thinking like mine is who I would want to work with. Eventually, my ability to create bespoke designs is what to advance my career, not the tool. When it’s actually my work, like to create Add-ins, Then I would choose which one has the market that I want to serve. It could be a mass-market of average paying employers with lots of competitors like me, i.e., Revit in the US, Asia, the Middle East. Or it could be a niche specialist market of high paying companies with few players, i.e., Japan, Australia, some parts of Europe. Later on, my preference for service for a generalist or specialist market will determine which platform I would choose. In the long run, my career would forge ahead when I could create more feature-rich Add-ins useful to the market. That would need me to improve my expertise in mastering the platform. Hold on. Taking a few steps back, here is the interesting part: Architect or engineer, which one is the better career to follow? Classic or contemporary, which one is the better style to design? A giant enterprise or a local studio, which one is the better company to work with? ... What is the one best instruction so I could follow with reassurance? We educated people have been well trained to ask this type of question. The thing is, if one of them is the undeniable best and applicable universally, then why the remaining not-best one still exists?

What if there is nothing called the best but the most suitable for oneself?

What if you don’t actually need to keep looking for the best options to start doing something matters, eventually?

Have comments? Please let me know what you think about this.


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