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Revit 2021 is out. But how would it help you, the Architect?

Recently, Autodesk is shifting some focuses on supporting Architects to use Revit. Like in versions 2019-2020, the software has enabled walls to be elliptical, or users to work in architectural perspective views instead of the boring ortho views for engineering.

This year of 2021 release,

BIM practitioners can streamline their modeling tasks via a bulk of better things for all disciplines. Architecturally, Revit now continues to play with your design in a more material perspective with Real-time realistic views. It also enables you to create slanted walls. Yes, the one in this project that Autodesk has been promoting for years.

But what is more than those day-to-day upgrades? What change that matters?

In this 2021 version, Revit could be an interesting tool for one kind of Architects, if you are, the geeky techie. Generative design is here.

But wasn't it already introduced via Dynamo integration? The design modeling with input sliders and formulas and so forth? Yes, it is the simplest form, called Parametric design. It is a way of design when you give one combination of inputs, you get one combination of outputs. One this for one that. Repeat until it looks and feels OK.

Generative design is on the upper level that the repetition counts by thousands, not dozens. It leverages the trendy "data-driven" approach that processing bulks of different input mixes, in order to produce what would be the best combination according to some predefined metrics.

You just set, adjust, run. And then tick tock...tick tock... Voila! "I'll take this from here."

All is done in an automatica fashion. Geeky as it is.

But is it what you are looking for, the remaining Architects?

Or being left behind or even lost is what you found?

Will discuss more in my next posts. But now, feel the pace.


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