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LOD Planner and TBF team up for Vietnam.

We are super proud to announce the partnership between LOD Planner and THE BIM FACTORY. We are now a SmartLeanBIM Advocate Partner for Vietnam.

Our CEO Mr. Han Hoang met with Mr. Clive Jordan - LOD Planner CEO - in Anaheim, California to discuss a potential partnership. After meeting with Mr. Clive, our CEO was certain this was the right company to collaborate with.

We have always been looking for a way to make BIM simpler for those who are not only new to BIM but also BIM veterans. Since we are a BIM Consultancy company, we certainly have always believed in BIM, but we also know, BIM is not always easy to understand and use. Most newcomers to BIM have way too high of an expectation for BIM and when they hit a bump in the road, BIM becomes a burden and less of an advantage.

LOD Planner aims to change all of that. They have set out on a mission to simplify BIM for everyone, from Owners to Subcontractors.

We have been using LOD Planner on a few pilot projects and we see the advantages right away. From the first moment when we start the BEP to the time when we are tracking who is to model what component, we realized, with this cloud-based format, it was obvious how effective BIM really is.

If you want to find out how much easy it is to start on a BIM project right away without all the hassle of learning a whole new trade, then contact us and we can show you how.

Find out more about LOD Planner by visiting its website:


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