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Leading the industry with BIM technology.

On April 4th and 5th 2018, THE BIM FACTORY is honored to accompany the Workshop - Leading the industry with BIM technology, co-hosted by TBF Academy & BIM Lab at the co-sponsor University of Technology (later Bach Khoa University). This is an opportunity for professionals to share and exchange knowledge about BIM and the latest technology, future career orientation with BIM to the next generations of AEC industry. The students also had chance to learn all about the fundamentals of applying Autodesk Revit in BIM process. The Workshop demonstrates the spirit of the BIM community, who desires to connect, to give and grow together.

With nearly 400 initial enrollments, we selected over 100 qualified attendees from many universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City. And after serious attendance and practice, the 63 most enthusiastic and most deserving students have been chosen to receive the BIM Recognition from TBF Academy & BIM Lab.

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Acknowledgement of contributors

Much appreciation is given to the below staffs for their dedicated contribution:

  • Trang Nguyen, Lan Bao: BIM speakers.

  • Nhai Le, Chuong Nguyen: BIM Architecture trainers.

  • Phuc Le, Hieu Doan, Khanh Huynh: BIM Construction trainers.

  • Dung Huynh, Ngoc Khuat: receptionists.

  • Ngan Tran, Nhut Pham: organizers.

  • Toan Doan, Khang Nguyen: supportive technicians.


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