3 things you should know about scan-to-BIM.

Hello my friend, have you ever heard about the term "scan-to-BIM" recently?

No? Don't worry, let me answer your questions right below!

1. What is scan to BIM?

Simple. It is just a 4-step process involving some techical hardwares, softwares and experienced technicians.

First and foremost, you must have a scanning equipment. It can be your phone camera but it will take weeks to scan a building, and result an inaccurate photogrammetry model. Therefore, a proper laser scanner with an experienced operator is mostly preferred.

Experts from Leica Geosystems showing our technology team how to scan a building for rennovation using a Leica P40.

Don't know what laser scanner is? For example, here is the famous BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner from Leica Geosystems: