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Nhut Minh Pham

BIM Coordinator I

A multi-talented and determined team player. 


Nhut hasn't been at THE BIM FACTORY very long but already earned his stripes for being one of the most talented and diverse individuals to ever worked at TBF. Nhut's experiences came from the construction industry. Before joining TBF, Nhut worked as an Engineer at COFICO and Hoa Binh - two of the most well-respected and forward-thinking construction companies in Vietnam.


Nhut earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduating with honors, he worked briefly as a Site Engineer with Hoa Binh Corporation. During his tenure at Hoa Binh, Nhut spent most of his time monitoring basic construction activities and learning about the trade. He also did a fair amount of research and reporting of construction methods. 


In the middle of 2015, Nhut worked as a BIM Structural Engineer for COFICO. Nhut was involved in various tendering documents, develop BIM models as well as being a translator of documents between the company's international partners. 


Nhut sees himself as an entrepreneur. In April 2016, he started his own consulting company called SMART VDC which support the development of construction technology involving BIM data. He was able to land a few construction work such as a residential house in Tan Phu District of Ho Chi Minh City and the American School construction in District 2. 


Once he realized there was a lot more to learn about the BIM business, he decided to join TBF to advance his career. Nhut is currently studying to earn his BIM credentials including the Certified BIM Practitioner and Autodesk Certified Professional.  


Find out more about Nhut and follow him through his social networks at the bottom of this page. 

Q & A session with Nhut Pham.

What attracted you to join TBF?

International Scalability. I did know about TBF years ago at one of their talk events. They were actually one of my 'target competitors' when I started my business plans and did some market research. Years later when Mr. Han grabbed me from the middle of chaos and shared with me his visions about TBF, TFF, TCF and also TDF, I knew that ‘the dots are starting to connect'. His visions of our industry and where we are going in the future are definitely worth a full investment of my effort.

What is proudest achievements at TBF?

Be recognized by everyone in the company. Youth and inexperience are both my pros and cons. I often have a lot of fresh energy full of joy for work every day, but also at my age which is considered not old enough to get the credit I deserve. Fortunately, this has not happened at TBF where everyone is relatively young and we all support and believe in one another as we become leaders in our BIM industry.

What do you love most about your work?

Flexibility. I can think and do whatever I believe is best for TBF. This way I can learn from many disciplines and working methods as possible such as BIM, engineering, software, HR, Marketing, Sales. etc.. These are all the type of work which I believe will support me to develop my skills in the long run.

How did you get into what you do - involving BIM?

Got rid of CAD. I love to utilize disruptive tools. I always wanted to upgrade my skills and be more efficient. Find out all the advanced settings, options, shortcuts... best suited for various scenarios.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get to where you are now?

Ready to fail and fail quickly. Success is made by "good" decisions. A good decision can only be made by "'experiences". And how can you get these types of experiences? They are eventually made by bad decisions. It is when you make the same bad decision repeatedly without gaining any experiences, that is when you fail. But more importantly is to make bad decisions, learn from it and make sure they become good decisions. 

What do you think the types of skills you need in order to succeed at your job?

Interpersonal, determination, and time management. These are just 3 top skills. I strongly believe that instead of chasing success, we have to be a better person then success will be attracted and come. And my process of being better is just simply to enhance the 4 ’A's’: Aim => Ability => Altitude => Action.

What have you learned the most being at TBF?

Proofs of real businessmen that match with lessons from my ‘Yoda Master’. Doing business is hard, being a real businessman is much harder. It demands your interpersonal skillset to reach guru level, like making a decision in a flash, controlling emotions without a blink and much more.

When did you first learn about BIM?

In 2014, when I first used Revit in my school assignment. The reason was simple: I didn't want to be a copy-CAD student. Whether studying or working, it must be simply a reward and joyful activity, not just grades or $ per hour.

What do you see as the big trend in BIM in the next five years?

I see BIM in the next five years is big data, especially in Facility Management. Today, we talk about BIM that comes along with Revit or ArchiCAD - BIM Tools. Tomorrow, we will talk about BIM with Excel or SQL or NoSQL.

What is your biggest weakness involving your work?

I am still unable to work with inefficient teammates. Sometimes I feel myself being too picky and tend to complete important tasks on my own. Therefore, in the next step of my career, I will focus on controlling my emotions and work standards that fit my teammates and help them grow.

What is your biggest strengths involving your work?


In my Clients, who will award jobs opportunities;

In my Partners, who will offer the best cooperation;

In my Bosses, who will give terrific support;

In my Teammates, who will perform outstanding work;

and in my Self, who will give me the energy to complete extraordinary targets.

What is your passion outside of work?

Thinking about ideas of new businesses. Playing violin. Coding.

Where do you see yourself in 2 - 5 years?

Scaled a tech company. Performed a violin concerto. Married to a lovely wife.

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Emerging BIM talent.

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