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Duy Le

Senior BIM  Manager

A jack of all trades who has the experiences to back it up

Duy started working in the architectural design industry in 2007. In 2011, he met our current CEO at a coffee shop and started interacting with him. Describing his talents and expressing his desire to become a versitile designer, our CEO believed him and brought him under his wings. Since that time, Duy continued to stay in contact with Han and have been involved withTHE BIM FACTORY since its inception. 

Duy challenged his entrepreneurship skills in 2014 when we started his own design build company and worked on several small projects from beginning to end. After two years, he realized he learned what he needed to learn in order to become a better business man he then focused on becoming a senior member of the TBF family. 

As an architect, Duy always knew he needed to learn as much as he can. After 10 years of experiences, Duy can now confidently say that he has been there and done that. Duy currently oversees the technology division mainly because of his love for technology. A self-taught in pretty much every application he uses, from Rhino to ArchiCAD, through pure determination, Duy has mastered over 20 unique applications to date. 

Duy's current aspiration is to change the way Vietnam design and build. Duy understands the difficulty of this process has on the industry, therefore, he is ready to challenge the industry itself and is determined to make the design and building process much more efficient, affordable and easy to understand for everyone. 

Recently, Duy gave a lecture on the Integrated Design Process and showed the future of what design can be. He is currently in charge of the modular fabrication technology and is working to change the housing industry in Vietnam. 

Find out more about Duy and follow him through his social networks at the bottom of this page. 

Q & A session with Duy Le.

What attracted you to join TBF?

It is TBF's vision to change the Vietnam's construction industry. Our industry has been growing slowly when compare to others sector like IT or Automobile industry. TBF's vision is to help it growing faster by using BIM and VDC's technologies.

What is proudest achievements at TBF?

First is the contribution for building my BIM Technology team form the beginning, second maybe the process from design to construction of our Design-Build project "Urban Kitchen+Bar Restaurant" which I learned a lot from.

What do you love most about your work?

The enjoyment of transfer the design 3D models into reality buildings.

How did you get into what you do - involving BIM?

It's lucky opportunity about 6-7 years ago when I first meet our CEO - Han Hoang at the coffee shop. He is my mentor for me to start thinking about the process of design and construction, and the important of collaboration in our industry which at that time is something new for me, but now it has became more obvious with BIM.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get to where you are now?

Hardworking, self-learning, hangout or be inspired with leaders in the industry. Make sure you set high goals at do everything to archive that goals.

What do you think the types of skills you need in order to succeed at your job?

Be good at software skills, start to use and master BIM's applications, but do not forget to stop learning by observing or getting involved in construction works to understand how the building actually be build around you.

What have you learned the most being at TBF?

I have learned a lot how to communicate or leading the team.

When did you first learn about BIM?

It's about 7 years ago when I first learned how to use ARCHICAD and start to using ARCHICAD's virtual building tools like walls, floors, doors to design. Not like other tools such as Sketchup, ARCHICAD and Revit utilize reality-like building components which help us to understand how building are integrated together.

What do you see as the big trend in BIM in the next five years?

I recently has heard this quote "the future of BIM is not BIM", so you have to prepare yourself and adapting to the newest trends in the industry. As my observation, the world-wide implementation of BIM and VDC, the automation of construction and advanced fabrication technology will be the mainstream in the next five years.

What is your biggest weakness involving your work?

English, I supposed. I have to learn and improve a lot.

What is your biggest strengths involving your work?

Thinking before doing.

What is your passion outside of work?

Hang out with my family and spend most of the time with my beautiful daughter.

Where do you see yourself in 2 - 5 years?

Hope to help to expand TBF's business abroad so I have a chance to work internationally.

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