BIM Design & Build.

We are the few BIM-enabled design consultancy company in Vietnam.


BIM is not just software, it is an entire process of design, engineering, construction, operation, and facility management. Since we are one of the leaders in the BIM process in Vietnam and have supported various Vietnamese companies to adopt BIM, we thought we should use this efficient BIM process for ourselves when we design. 

Some of our BIM design consultancy services are:


+ Architectural BIM design.

+ Structural BIM design.

+ MEPF BIM design.

+ Landscape BIM design.

+ Interior BIM design.

+ Visualization.

+ Animation.


Want to find out more about our BIM design services? Send us an email and we will be more than happy to show you some samples. 

We take all the advantages of BIM and VDC technology has to offerand apply them to our design processes.

Our integrated design approach.

We design in BIM.


Which means we utilize an integrated design process to control the entire design from concept to engineering to detailed documents in order to minimize errors, control costs as well as maintain the schedule through the use of the BIM process and applications. 

Design standardization.

At the start of every design process, we begin by creating customized elements and families of standardized parts and components. By creating systematic assemblies, we are able to create the design and layout quickly in order to anticipate design changes and re-direction.


Our BIM Production team is capable of creating any type of assemblies for any type of building usage. This has proven to save considerable time and design fees across the design phases. Therefore, by standardizing our design, we always have the upper hand over our traditional design counterparts.​

3D BIM design.

3D comes in many forms, whether it is used for visualization or building analysis, 3D BIM models offer the designer the ability to visualize the entire design process in 3D from the initial concept to the final hand-over model. 


Once our design enters the construction phase, we turn to the 4D and 5D models for continued support during construction. 

Visualize the design.

During the design, one of the most beneficial aspects of working with a BIM model is its ability to allow the designer to visualize the design in 3D either through still renderings or moving animations.


Majority of the BIM authoring tools available on the market such as Revit, ArchiCAD have built-in rendering and animation capabilities that are as good as any dedicated rendering applications such as 3D Max and Maya which allow for quick analysis.


But of course, if you want those amazing realistic images and life-like animations, the dedicated animated and rendering software is always the preferred option.

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