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BIM talent.

Our future BIM leaders in Vietnam.


The future of our industry is solely dependent on the people who are skillful and talented enough to run it. Especially in Vietnam, where BIM talents are rare and truly hard to come by. 

This section is dedicated to the people in our company who we think are emerging as stars within our BIM industry in Vietnam.

Knowledge begins with the understanding of the topic and then mastering the subject by actively performing it. Here at THE BIM FACTORY, we not only expect our team members to become the experts of the BIM topics, but also becoming an active participant within the community. Plus, doing the actual work at optimal efficiency also helps to define the future leaders of our industry. 


Nhut Pham

BIM Coordinator I

A multi-talented team player, a well-rounded coordinator, and an all-around good guy.


Nhut joined TBF with aspirations to one day become the CEO of his own company. He has done everything he can get his hands on to support the growth of the company. After a few months of doing everything he can, he decided that he was best suited to be a micro-strategist and but all of his focus on how to make the entire company more efficient on a day-to-day basis.  

Binh Duong

BIM Coordinator I

A true team player and even a faster learner.


Binh started out as a Modeler I and quickly realized BIM was actually a lot tougher than he thought. A natural Revit user, Binh knew he was good at Revit and understood his technical capabilities. He originally thought that his Revit skills could allow him to reach his goal of becoming a BIM Manager some day.

Trang Nhu Nguyen

Senior BIM  Manager

Determination and perseverance are Trang's primary traits. 


Trang started as a BIM Modeler in 2011 under the supervision of our current CEO. In his first year Trang was determined that he was going to be a leader...

Duy Le

Senior BIM  Manager

A jack of all trades who has the experiences to back it up. 


Duy started working in the architectural design industry in 2007. In 2011, he met our current CEO at a coffee shop and started interacting with him. Describing his talents...

Duc Quoc Dang

BIM Manager I

Detailed oriented and a natural at absorbing knowledge. 


Duc started down his BIM path in 2014 as a BIM Modeler. He was mostly an observer of everything around him and completed all the tasks that were assigned to him to...

Binh Quoc Truong

Senior BIM  Manager

A true leader of the pack. 


Binh started his BIM career in 2006 as a designer for a Japanese firm. In 2011, Binh became a BIM MEP Leader under the supervision of our current CEO...

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