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design & modeling.

We set the BIM standards for architectural modeling.

We have completed over 50 Architectural modeling projects since 2014. Here are some of the really cool ones. 

A few of our  architectural BIM projects.

Block 32

Block 32 | Vietnam



BLOCK 32 is a micro-apartment lifestyle development by our very own subsidiary THE FAB FACTORY as part of their FABliving building concept. A communal living building comprises of 32 units ranging from 12 - 20 square meters made for single or coupled millennial entrepreneurs who want to live in a fast-paced environment

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Lancaster Lincoln.

Architectural BIM.


As the BIM consultant, we were also in charge of supporting the architectural team build their design model. The intent of this BIM model is to coordinate all the trades, create precise BOQ and generate proper documentations for construction.

After several design changes, the project is currently under way. It is planned for completion in 2019. 

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Thu Thiem residential.

This was a conceptual design exercise done in Revit.


This project was completed in 2 weeks with 2 architectural modelers and a project designer. Our client was wanted a specific style and program. Our primary concept for this work was to create a community type of living environment where everyone can not only enjoy the luxurious interiors, but also the exterior communal spaces. 

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Super tower.

One of the tallest building in the world.


This project was created with Revit for the purpose of coordination and construction located in Malaysia. We created for the team a fully functional model to be used throughout construction and beyond.

This project is currently under construction and will be completed in 2019. 

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Lancaster legacy.

A conceptual project for a development in Hanoi.


This project was completed in 3 weeks with 6 architectural modelers and a 2 project designer. This enormous project was a unique project designed by us in 2015 and it was done in record time with BIM. We created the models and design at the same time. We started with SketchUp, then moved straight to Revit and rendered in 3Ds Max.

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Delverton villas.

Residential villas in the Mui Ne, Vietnam.


This concept was completed in 2014. Unfortunately the project never was funded, nevertheless, it was a few projects that were also designed by our team and was done with BIM tools. 


In the end, we completed 6 different types of villas, all with very specific and unique features. 

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