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Architectural design.


"The need for an interactive social living environment to share common spaces, activities, and ideas are now more important than ever in this isolated digital era."    - THE FAB FACTORY


Block 32 concept is a communal micro-living facility consists of 32 cubes (units) ranging from 12 to 20 sm per unit. Each unit is factory fabricated modular “cubes” and “pods” assemblies for higher quality and lower cost. Each project consists of a solar roof and façade for providing low-voltage electricity usage for the communal spaces. Each building also has a “water-wall” for re-use of grey water during rain season.


The uniqueness of the building are the amenities. Each building also comes with a mini-fablab and workshop at mezzanine for personal fabrication for busy active entrepreneurs. It is especially advantageous for entrepreneurs who are keen to develop hardware. 


The building spaces also come with a gallery and common space for meeting and sharing,  café, event space and convenient store on ground floor. 


Since this is an active type of spaces for young professionals, the building only has 5 floors with stairs for walk-up to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Along with 50% of the floor area will be dedicated for sharing, playing, mingling and interacting, the Block 32 is a new type of communal living for those who are looking to connect with other young professionals. 


Our design team:


  • Quynh Ho, Thu Le, Thinh Pham, Ngoc Tran, Doan Vo, Nhi Cuu, Duy Le, Nghia Pham.


Our scope:

  • Lead designer.

  • Architecture.

  • Interior.

  • Landscape.

  • MEPF.

  • Structural.


Front entrance view. 

Ground floor lobby. 

Ground floor coffee area.

Roof activity room.

12 sm room interior. 

20 sm room interior. 

15 sm room interior - double. 

15 sm room interior - queen. 

20 sm room interior. 

15 sm room interior - double. 

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