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Structural modeling.

The demand of structural BIM models are rising.

We have completed over 20 structural modeling projects since 2014. Structural modeling are a critical part of the coordination process, but, in 2015, we saw a decline in the demand for structural modeling work. 

However, in 2016, we are starting to see the demand climbing back up. Because it is such an important part of BIM, without structural models, architectural coordination would be much less effective.

We utilize Revit structural and all of the Autodesk BIM platform to design our structures. For shop drawings, we use Tekla and other smaller proprietary software on a few projects. 

A few of our  structural BIM projects.

Singapore condominiums.

Complete structural modeling for BCA submission.


This project was built for our client in Singapore. Specifically for the BP submission, we translated for our client from CAD into Revit Structural the entire building as well as export dwf drawing documentations for their use. 

With a team of 2 modelers and 1 BIM manager, we completed this project in 2.5 weeks.


BIM models for quantity verification.


Located in Ho Chi Minh City, this project is considered one of the largest development currently in Vietnam. With over 10 towers and 10,000 units, Vinhomes not only needed BIM to deliver the project on time, but it needed BIM as a tool for verification purposes. 

With a team of 2 modelers and 1 coordinator and 1 manager, we completed this structural model of 6 different towers in 2 weeks. 

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