The benefits of BIM. 

BIM makes buildings better...sometimes.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows all stakeholders involved in the project to be more efficient and effective in every aspect from design to operation. Occasionally, BIM can have an adverse effect on projects' cost and can potentially be inefficient when it is used haphazardly or improperly. 


BIM is no longer new to our industry - having been around for over 15 years now, therefore, it is time for us to make sure we are using BIM properly. There are plenty of reasons why BIM is very beneficial for building projects but the most obvious and important reason, of all, is that BIM saves time and money. 

Some of the key elements that are beneficial when we apply the use of BIM into any project:

  • Better communication.

  • Accurate cost.

  • Visualize the entire project.

  • Reduce waste.

  • Mitigate risks.

  • Transparency.

  • Value engineering.

  • Scalable.

  • Control information.

  • Supply chain.

Every day as BIM progresses and being utilized, we find out more and more benefits. This can only happen when we use BIM in our daily practice.

Here is a quick video listing the seven benefits of BIM.


When it comes to design in BIM, this is one of the major key elements that will determine the success of BIM on any project. If the design is not done properly, then the effectiveness of BIM greatly reduces. However, BIM helps designers to reduce the number of errors and speed up the entire process. Accuracy is one of the biggest issues when we talk about design and BIM is the only process that can reduce or almost eliminate this risk if done properly. 

One of the things that BIM helps to eliminate or greatly reduce for contractors is the accuracy of cost estimation. By performing model-based estimating, the contractor enables a process that can facilitate better cost control. In addition, the BIM model allows the contractor to monitor changes and improve teamwork and communication. The other important aspect are the improve work quality, more productivity, and better outcomes for scheduling. 

On top of the list of benefits for the Owner when it comes to using BIM is the tremendous reduction and mitigation of risks. When it comes to developments, having complete control over the project in order to mitigate risks is perhaps one of the hardest things to achieve. With BIM, the Owners can not only have better control over the outcomes but also dictate the entire process from beginning to end while evaluating and seeing everything that is needed to be seen. 

We would be glad to show you some of the benefits of BIM. We are willing to provide a free sample of your own project. Here's how to take advantage of this offer:

  • Send us an email and request a sample.

  • Attach your CAD file in the email. (minimum of 100 sm and maximum of 500 sm.)

  • Tell us the disciplines (pick two) you need to model. (ie. Architecture, Structure, MEPF, etc.)

  • We will get more information from you as needed to complete this sample.

  • We will complete the sample within 48 hours. 

  • Some of the deliverable you will get (for free):

    • Revit file of the sample model.​

    • Clash/error report.

    • List of suggestions and resolutions.

    • Estimated price and cost-saving.

Ready to give it a try?