Who we are.

We are the leaders of BIM.


THE BIM FACTORY (TBF) is staffed with young, energetic and highly motivated individuals focused on the single goal of providing the best BIM solutions for the building industry in Vietnam as well as the global market.


We work with the industry’s leading companies throughout the world to minimize the difficulties and challenges when adopting and executing a new process.


Our clients are leaders in their prospective regions and by working together, we give our clients the advantage and more flexibility of providing the best possible solutions for their clients.


Whether it be for a small boutique shop or modeling for a large skyscraper or master planning an entirely new city, we work closely with every client to identify, create, and execute every single BIM requirements.

Our company's ideology.

Core values.

  • Our people are our strength.

  • Respect everyone's ability.

  • Absolute integrity, ethical and honesty.

  • Go above and beyond our duties to complete our work.

  • Continuous improvement and never be satisfied.

  • Profit and growth as a means to make all our other values possible.

Core purposes.


  • To help Vietnam build better.

  • Assist our clients to be more efficient and add value.

  • Be a constant leader in our industry.

  • Elevate the technological knowledge for our team members.

  • Provide the highest quality services at the most cost-effective prices.

  • When anyone thinks of BIM in Vietnam, he or she thinks of us.


Our credo.

Our beliefs and guiding principles.


Credo comes straight from the Latin word meaning "I believe", and is the first word of many religious credos, or creeds, such as the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed. But the word can be applied to any guiding principle or set of principles.

At TBF, we often want to remind ourselves of why we exist. Therefore, we've written our very own credo to signify all the things we believe in as a company. These are the reasons why we do what we do and they are the guiding principles behind everything we stand for.

Download our credo.

We are a multi-disciplinary firm of BIM professionals comprise of architects, engineers and project managers with partners all over the world. 

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the number of Autodesk Certified Professionals to date.


number of countries with projects we've worked on.




Our approach.

Life-cycle of BIM.


BIM is a process that affects the entire life-cycle of a project as well as the parties involved from business strategies to management policies. 

By looking at BIM holistically and from the end, it helps to align visions, increase efficiency, and optimize technology adoption to maximize benefits.

Structured solutions.

By aligning business strategies, existing infrastructure, staffing capabilities, etc., it enhances the acceleration in returns for the company by optimizing workflows, and improve company-wide best practices.

This structured solution approach allows the company to be much more efficient and cost effective. We are essentially an extension of our client's team. 

Our mission.

Achieve superior value.


THE BIM FACTORY is built with the ideas of cohesive collaboration amongst all team members in a traditionally segregated industry by creating capable expertise to assist our clients to succeed with all BIM-related works.


We are focused on achieving superior standards of BIM modeling production and creating the best BIM value for effective design and methodology for all of our clients. We work hard at providing the highest achievements for all of our clients by assessing project demands, goals, and specific project execution strategies.

Our vision.


We believe that everyone can benefit from better design and smarter developments. We aim to improve the process of design, engineering, and construction by expanding the implementation of BIM for our clients.


We envision that BIM can empower our clients to design better, build efficiently, and cost-effectively in order to preserve our precious environment.



All the things we do.

Shaping the next generation of design and construction.


We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves in every aspect of our industry and we take pride in being the fastest, most efficient and productive BIM modeling team [VN BIM Squad] in Vietnam.


We look at every little detail from how we open a file to creating the most effective templates for every purpose.

Using innovative BIM processes in our projects to explore better and more effective solutions.


Along with our new sister company THE FAB FACTORY, THE CONCRETE FACTORY, The Development Company and The Dream Factory under the umbrella of our parent Hong Kong entity The Holding Company Ltd., we intend to utilize an integrated building solution and apply it our developments in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.


We are constantly challenging ourselves to become better and will always continue to push our limits. 


Our community.

A maker's space for the next generation of inventors and makers.

As part of the community outreach program and as a way to pay back to the youth in the community, THE BIM FACTORY along with the Fablab Saigon crew dedicated the TBF conference room and turned it into a Fablab.


With various programs, workshops and events, Fablab Thao Dien is the newest location for gathering of all makers and inventors to share ideas, thoughts and support each other. 


Because we live in a district that has an abundance of international schools and foreign expatriates, it was an obvious choice to make a space that cater towards  this thriving community. 

Building blocks for tomorrow's innovators.

We work in an environment that is driven by technology, therefore, it is necessary that we encourage this way of thinking to not only our staff but also to the youth of our community. We wanted to create a space that encourages out-of-the-box thinking, much like our business and more importantly, provide a platform for anyone who wants to make anything that his or her heart desires.

Coming soon...

Innovative workshop.

We are building a facility focusing on developing the next evolution of hardware technologies.


THE DREAM FACTORY is a creative workshop facility and hardware accelerator program that works with only hardware startups to educate, create, manufacture and seed funding focusing on ASEAN.



THE DREAM FACTORY is a research and development space for makers and inventors to not only bring their creations to life but it also is a place that will enable all the necessary support system to make sure their inventions turn into a successful and viable business.

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