Learn by action. Lead by example.

Vietnam BIM Squad is a group of elite leaders who have perfected the art of modeling in BIM.  

Vietnam BIM Squad (VBS) is an idea conceptualized by members of THE BIM FACTORY in 2015. We welcome exceptional individuals who are technically capable and passionate about BIM. Members of this elite squad accept the opportunity to join this group in order to challenge themselves. Because VBS is not only a platform to test limits, it is a place which allows its members to be better than who they are in order to understand what it takes to succeed and be the best.


VBS is a place to learn by action, lead by example and most importantly, it is a place where ordinary leaders are pushed beyond their limits and become extraordinary leaders. Those who are able to achieve the VBS title will have the ability to set themselves apart from the rest.



The following are the 10 minimum requirements needed in order to become a member of the Vietnam BIM Squad:


  1. Start as a BIM Modeler.

  2. Two years minimum BIM modeling experience.

  3. Able to model a specific number of sq. m. per day.

  4. An IVDC Certified BIM Practitioner.

  5. A Certified "BIM Platform" Professional.

  6. Proficient in English.

  7. Meet the minimum number of activity points.

  8. Worked on a minimum number of BIM projects. 

  9. Be accessible to other VBS members 24 hours a day. 

  10. Pass VBS exam annually.

New members are recruited by invitation only !

Leaders Wanted.

Message from the Officer In Charge (OIC).


Reputation and character are two of the most important human aspects that establishes trust not only in business but also in life. The forming of the Vietnam BIM Squad (VBS) is not to promote a business or to provide a product or service, but rather a place with a belief for everyone who happens to work with BIM to build characters that are strong, confidence and poise to take on the challenges of life.

The establishment of the Vietnam BIM Squad's ultimate goal is to be a respectable chapter shaped by unique and talented individuals through the actions, choices and decisions that are made each day.


We are committed to be at our best and achieve success for not just ourselves but also for those around us. Much like BIM, success comes from not by individuals but by the collaboration efforts of all stakeholders.

Code of Conduct.

The VBS Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) outlines the principles and standards of conduct that should guide the behavior of all VBS team members, in all the areas of responsibilities, ethics and integrity, at all times whether within a working environment or at home.

The Principles.

The following six principles are the foundation for the Code:


  1. Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.

  2. Act objectively and professionally.

  3. Respect confidentiality and privacy of others.

  4. Honor your commitments and follow through.

  5. Always willing to learn.

  6. Teach and lead others. 

More information coming soon...