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Our second award category is:

Best Performing Employee.


This award requires the employee to meet all the following criteria:


  • Performs at a high level.

  • One of the hardest worker in the company.

  • 24-hours on call.

  • Research and goals oriented.

  • Organized and systematic.

  • Produces a lot of work.

  • Diverse and can play many roles.

  • Talented and exceeds expectations.

2017 Winner of Best Performing Employee.

Annual TBF awards 2017.

Our first award category is:


Most Improved Employee.


This award requires the employee to meet all the following criteria:



  • A very hard worker.

  • Move from one role to the next.

  • Potential to become a leader.

  • Takes on more responsibilities.

  • Understand the weakness and work on it.

  • Improved on mistakes.

  • A future leader of the company.


2017 Winner of Most Improved Employee.

Most Improved Employee


Nghia Pham

Visual Artist | ID Team


Nghia is a reserved person. He's a do-er, a learner, and most importantly, a team player. When Nghia started at TBF more than 2 years ago, he was simply a fly on the wall and an observer. He was learning a way to best utilize his skills as part of the design team. He knew that the only way to support his team was to be really good at what he does - and that is to be the best visual artist he can. 


After self-learning to perfect his skills, he knew he needed external help. He then dedicated his own time after work to take courses on how to improve his talent. This is what separated Nghia from the rest of the team. 


As the only Visual Artist in the company when he started, he knew he had a lot to prove and even more to learn. He knew he needed to set the standards for how renderings and animations are created. He also knew how important the visuals are especially for a new start-up company like ours. 


By self-learning and taking the initiative to perfect his skillset, Nghia has earned himself the title of the most improved employee simply be getting better and better with his renderings. 


We are very excited to have Nghia as part of our growing team and we can't wait to see what visuals he will create for us in the future.


Congratulations Nghia and keep up the good work!!

Nghia Pham
Phuc Le

Our third award category is:

Most Valuable Employee.


This award requires the employee to meet all the following criteria:

  • One of the hardest worker in the company.

  • 24-hours on call.

  • Always complete tasks on time.

  • Organized and systematic.

  • Produces a lot of work.

  • Talented and exceeds expectations.

  • Highest revenue generator of the company.

  • Perform well under pressure.

  • Never complains and takes on challenges.

  • Does not sleep much.

2017 Winner of Most Valuable Employee.

Best Performing Employee


Phuc Le

BIM Coordinator


Phuc is one of the smartest workers at TBF. Phuc started on the BIM Implementation team knowing that he can't do this all by himself. Therefore, he took the initiative to create a team around him that can help. 


Within a few months, Phuc has developed himself a strong team that supported one of the most important projects for our company. 


During the support of one of our most important clients, Phuc and his team were recognized by the client's management team as a valuable addition to the project. Because of his leadership skills and know-how, Phuc got the recognition he truly deserves from the client. 


Phuc's performance and support for this very important client is the main reason that he earned the best-performing employee. 


Phuc is no doubt one of the most important members of the company and has a bright future ahead of him. 

Congratulations Phuc on this well-deserved award !!

Binh Duong

Most Valuable Employee


Binh Duong

BIM Coordinator II


Binh is getting used to winning awards at TBF. Last year, Binh was awarded the most improved employee. 


Binh coordinates various projects for the BIM Production team and has always been one of the most productive members at TBF.


Binh started at TBF in 2015 as a Modeler I and worked his way up the ladder very quickly by not being afraid to take on the tough challenges. Within 1 year, he became a BIM Coordinator I and quickly became BIM Coordinator II a few months later. 


Normally, each position requires the staff to have at least 1 to 2 years experience to learn. Binh was an exception because he learned very quickly and fully immerse himself in any role he worked at. 


Binh will soon depart from TBF to pursue other dreams with a chance to learn more about the building industry. Because Binh started at TBF with little experience, he wishes to learn from other parts of the industry and further develop his skills. At TBF, we encourage personal and professional development from everyone, whether it is from here or elsewhere, we wish him nothing but the best. 


Binh is also recently featured in our Emerging BIM Talent

Congratulations Binh on winning this very prestigious award !!

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