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(Training and Education Division of the Institute of Virtual Design & Construction)

IVDC | TBF Academy.

Building the perfect BIM professional.


We believe that BIM starts and ends with People who execute Process by utilizing Technology. 


TBF Academy is the industry training division of Institute of Virtual Design and Construction (IVDC) Vietnam and THE BIM FACTORY who are led by an international team of industry professionals dedicated to training and teaching advanced BIM educational curriculum responding to industry demands for qualify BIM professionals.


As part of the BIM Education and Training program at THE BIM FACTORY, IVDC Vietnam provides TBF and its partners with training and education curriculum for various types of BIM courses. See below for more information on the type of courses available. 

We strive to create the gold standard for BIM training in Vietnam.


IVDC BIM Education Program and the Certificate Overview.


We recognize the need for greater efficiency in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction which resulted in a demand for qualified BIM professionals within this region. In order to meet those demands, IVDC Vietnam has created a series of courses for the ASEAN professionals focusing at this time on Vietnam and its rapidly developing population and developments.


Currently, the IVDC program has 4 Series (Open Course, University, Professional and Corporate) and each series has its required certificate courses. 

IVDC | TBF Academy BIM Education Program is the first of its kind in ASEAN.

The next generation.

We are real industry professionals who are working with BIM every day on a variety of BIM projects. 


Too many people confuse BIM with knowing how to use software, like Revit or ArchiCAD. Some think by just reading a book on BIM, they know BIM. The truth is that BIM is a process that involves technology and most importantly, people.


TBF Academy utilizes the latest process, technology and taught by a group of experienced industry people in order to prepare you for the professional world of BIM.