• Nhut Pham

TBF Activity Day: Project Runway 2016 | Halloween edition.

THE BIM FACTORY continues its tradition of on-going team building activities among team members at the factory. This week, we welcome a few new members to our team by hosting a TBF Project Runway 2016, Halloween Edition.

Rules and objectives:

The idea of the competition is to design and make the most creative costume using only available materials in the office and following the Halloween theme.

The participants selected a random number and formed teams based on the numbers. At the end, there were a total of 6 teams with 24 participants, and the judges were no other than our CEO and COO.

We then turned our hallway into a catwalk and everyone strutted down displaying their best rendition of their design and ideas. Some were quite creative, while others were very questionable.


The winner(s) were chosen by various criteria and lastly, the number of votes from everyone. Each team also pick from a pile a Halloween theme to base their design on as well as designate a "model" to display their work. At the end, the winner of the competition is no other than Tuyen Nguyen, Hoai Tran, Tri Pham and Mai Dao with Hoai as the model.

Overall, it was a very fun experience and we look forward to the next activity in 2 weeks.

BIM starts at the end.

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