• Nhut Pham

TBF Activity Day: Best TBF Artist Competition.

THE BIM FACTORY continues its tradition of on-going team building activities amongst team members at the factory. This week, we welcome a few new members to our team by hosting a TBF Best Artist Competition.

Rules and objectives:

The idea of the competition is to pick a name out of the box and draw that person by any style. Once the images are drawn, then the team picked the appropriate names for each image. Some of the best names given to the drawings are:

Thanh niên "tự sướng"

Bố già

Bờ môi quyến rũ

Võ lâm minh chủ

Giải phẫu quá đà

With 25 participants, the contest drew - literally - many laughs and brought hysteria to the entire team.


The winner(s) were chosen by the number of votes from everyone. Since we had a tie at the first round, then we had to do sudden-death by naming the drawing and amount of people who raise their hands to vote for it.

At the end, the winner of the competition is no other than Tuyen Nguyen - our BIM Modeler I who display impeccable drawing skills and details in her image. Second place belonged to our beloved accountant Mai Dao - who's rendition of her colleague collected more laughs than the accuracy of the image.

Overall, it was a very fun experience and we look forward to the next activity in 2 weeks.

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