• Nhut Pham

Happy Vietnamese Women's Day 2018 🌷🌷🌷

Wish our beautiful women at TBF not today, but everyday filled with happiness and goodness. ❤️ #thebimfactory #celebration #vietnamese #women #day #thankyou

Our beloved women at TBF in October 2018

  • Maryline Vo: BOD.

  • Hau Pham, Quynh Nguyen: HR & Admin.

  • Mai Dao, Phuong Nguyen, Tien Huynh: Accountant & Finance.

  • Hien To, Tu Huynh, Anh Nguyen, My Luong, Thuy Nguyen: BIM Design.

  • Nhung Hoang, Nhai Le, Thu Tran, Nhu Nguyen, Nhut Thi Pham, Hang Nguyen, Loan Anh Nguyen: BIM Production.

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