• hanhoang4

Committed Builders.

What we need to think about when it comes to building in the next decade.

Really, there are serious crises currently facing our industry.

I gave a presentation in Hanoi yesterday at a green building seminar about an integrated approach to design and construction which addresses the potential ways we can eliminate all the current issues facing our building industry.

This was the 5th time I gave this presentation and it began to dawn on me that the more I raised these concerns, the more serious nature of a topic it becomes in my mind.

The three questions I raised are:

  1. How can we build or rebuild as fast with better quality for communities that are being destroyed by natural disasters?

  2. How can we make housing affordable for the majority of the people on this planet?

How can we build more but at the same time reduce the environmental impact we create from the construction industry?

Frankly, I don’t have an outright conclusion to these questions. Sometimes I think I do, but more so, by asking these questions, I’m hoping to put more effort, focus, and undivided attention to the possibilities of finding solutions.