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C-Drive | a 5-step approach to Clash Detection.

Clash Detection has been one of the core values of BIM whereby we can detect and report the clashes and make known to design and construction team well before the project is being started. However, the common issue of this BIM use is far too many clashes uncovered but leaving the design team to handle them with rarely any records of resolution.

Below are steps introduced and experienced by Mr. David Fung at HKBIM 2018, who is the Managing Director of Advanced Construction Information Development Ltd., in order to streamline our conventional clash detection process:

1. Clash Detection

Detect all geometry clashes in federated models using Solibri Model Checker/ Autodesk Navisworks.

Clash detection in Navisworks.
Clash detection in Navisworks.

2. Clash Reporting

Report Clash results.

A typical clash report by Autodesk.

3. Clash Prioritization

Analyze significance of clash and prioritize them. Ignore unimportant clashes and concentrate on real clash.

4. Clash Visualization

Visualize the clash in the design authoring platform, such as Autodesk Revit/ GraphiSoft ArchiCAD/ Tekla, to facilitate easy location.

Visualize clashes back into Revit for easy resolution.

5. Clash Elimination

Final removal of clash for real clash.

Wanna learn more about this process? Connect with David's LinkedIn for more information:

Mr. David Fung at HKBIM 2018









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