• Nhut Pham

BIMBots World Cup 2016.

Today we had our BIMbots World Cup 2016 at THE BIM FACTORY.

It was pretty cool to see what a little imagination can do to a team. We fabricated each team and bots uniquely, decorated them and programmed the bots into phones to control by simple movements.

The purpose of this event is basically just to have fun and do some team building together on something other than BIM.

We split our teams into 4 regions (North/Mien Bac, Central/Mien Trung, South/Mien Nam, and West/Mien Tay) and paired 5 bots for each region. Each of the regions was represented by the staff that actually came from that area. Needless to say, my team, Mien Trung came dead last.

At the end, the North/Mien Bac - represented by our main sponsor Restaff (Giang Martin Tran) came in first place by winning the championship game over the West/Mien Tay.

We had a blast and special thanks to Sean Boyce from Fablab Thao Dien who supported us to put all the bots together and programmed everything.

Until the next BIMbots event.

BIM starts at the end.

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