• Nhut Pham

Architects should stay away from Revit.

Yes, I know. It's Revit.

Everyone is talking about it. Your peers are learning it. Jobs are more and more asking it as a requirement, not a bonus.

But it does not mean the hype is going to make things better. Even worse, if those employers are considering that doing BIM is just Revit modeling, and that hiring a bunch of Revit modelers would make them BIM-compliant.

So as an Architect,

you should stay away from Revit or any BIM tools as your only core competency. Especially the juniors.

It should be your ability to design ideation, diverse or specialized project experiences, code compliance, multi-discipline collaboration... but not a BIM tool.

At the end of the day, why would you spend 5+ years studying with endless nights practicing to end up being a Revit monkey?

But talking about design tools,

you should also stay away from Revit as your preferred BIM software. Revit could do architecture. But Revit is not for Architects. Here's why: Architects have been finding it is somewhat constrained and rigid using Revit. Developing a bespoke, state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind design, in specific. Sometimes it is the set of weird massing tools that refrain us from capturing the ideas just pop up.

Like engineering, it prefers asking you specific numbers (distance between elements, number of repetitions...) prior to taking action, instead of letting you adjust it as you look and feel, and so free up your mind.

It's better to be done in any of SketchUp, Blender, Rhino, etc. But many times, when we already go all the way through laying out the concept, we still can be stuck in design development.

My walls must be straight all the way up but no way else. My stairs cannot be that spiral and connected to adjacent walls. My intersecting walls & slabs layers keep eating each other in some non-sense unadjustable ways. OK, this one should ring more bells: I have to stop in the middle of the place to developing some families to suit my design. And it takes forever. So what is the use of Revit for Architects? Standardized, boxy, mediocre design? Want to convince yourself more? Take a look at here: https://thinkmoult.com/why-revit-is-shit.html

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