Our BIM projects.

We set the BIM standards for modeling.

We have worked on projects in Singapore, US, Malaysia, Australia, China, Dubai, South Korea, and Vietnam.


We work with industry experts all over the world including the leading companies in the United States as well as the Ministry of Construction in Vietnam along with the top design, engineering and construction companies throughout ASEAN.

When we model or design in BIM, we always start with a goal and we purely focus on successfully achieving that goal. 

Below are only a few of our projects that we have completed so far for your reference. Come to our office and we can show you the rest of our projects and the current projects that we are working on.

We love what we do and we focus on the things that we love. 

Our team members are actively involved int he BIM community. We are very passionate about the things that we do and it shows in our work. 

Architectural modeling.

We are architectural modeling specialists.

We have completed over 50 Architectural modeling projects since 2014. Here are some of the really cool ones.

Go to our Architectural modeling section.

MEPF modeling.

We are engineers who love to build BIM models.


Our team are made up  of certified and licensed engineers in the area of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection.

Go to our MEPF modeling section.

Structural modeling.

Models engineered and built to be useful.


Most of the structural models are very simple and are always required to be extremely precise. We have a team of structural engineers who just happens to love to build super  accurate models for all types of uses and functions.

Go to our structural modeling section.

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