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La Fabbrik 

Our new TBF playground.


Going back to our roots of operating out of a factory, La Fabbrik is a play-on-words name based on the French word "Fabrique" which stands for the fabrication. The vision for our new THE BIM FACTORY office is the combination of spatial modification, prefabrication components, and modular design. Taking over an existing ice factory, we retrofitted this building to become our new office space. 


Looking to redefine the idea of what an office is and how it should be in the future, we along with THE FAB FACTORY team are using this project as a test bed for our future projects to come. We left almost the entire existing building untouched and only building these fabricated steel and glass boxes sitting independently on the interior space. We also open up the roof for ventilation and add in passive wind air tunnels in order to move the air through our space. This project is a real challenge because this building was not meant for normal office operation, therefore, we had to really think about how to make the space truly comfortable for the staff. 


La Fabbrik has 3 levels, with 120 seats for staff as well as 5 training/meeting rooms and a large board room that can fit up to 50 pax. We are looking to use our new office as a centralized training center for internal as well as external use. 


Along with centralized stadium-like gathering space for general meetings, "outdoor" seatings, private gathering spaces, this office also contains a rapid prototyping area, play and resting areas with a large slide, a park-like central tree with swings along the path, and a karaoke/video game room. 


La Fabbrik is not only an office but a place where the staff can enjoy working, relaxing and having all the fun they can endure. 


Our completion date is April 2019. 


Our scope for this project:


  • Interior Design.

  • Architectural Design.

  • Structural Design.

  • MEPF Design.

  • Interior Fit-out.

  • Construction Management.


Our team:


Interior Design Team:

  • Long Tran, Tu Huynh, Phuc Nguyen


Architectural/STR/MEPF Team:

  • Vicente Bernad-Lillo, Duy Le, Thai TranThuan Truong



  • Cuong Nguyen, Thien Nguyen, Tien Huynh, Linh Tran, Thuc Tran

TBF_NEW OFFICE_ID_Staircase.jpg
TBF_NEW OFFICE_ID_Working Production.jpg
TBF_NEW OFFICE_ID_Meeting0.jpg
TBF_NEW OFFICE_ID_Meeting3.jpg
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