Our Playground. Elevated.

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Welcome to
La Fabbrik.

Going back to our roots of operating out of a factory, La Fabbrik is a play-on-words name based on the French word "Fabrique" which stands for the fabrication. As you’ve guessed, this factory that you’re standing in was fabricated from modular parts and assembled on-site.

The vision for our new THE BIM FACTORY office is the combination of spatial modification, prefabrication components, and modular design. Taking over an old ice factory then became a warehouse, we retrofitted this building to become our new office space.

The Process

Concept Ideation.

Every project starts with an idea, then we got everyone involved. We got opinions and persepectives from everyone in the company. Because after all, this is OUR space. Using SketchUp, we were able to quickly visualize our ideas and made prompt decisions.

Design In Harmony.

Our architectural design team are the most comfortable designing in ArchiCAD. We generated preliminary layouts, programming, and spatial configurations in ArchiCAD at the early stage of the design process.

Construction Works.
Recap + Revit + Navisworks.

We used RECAP at the beginning as well as during the construction to verify the design and the actual built work. When construction started, we moved the design model into REVIT in order to generate documentations. This was the most familiar format we all can agree on. Along the way, we used NAVISWORKS in order to coordinate.