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Restaff Office




Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Comprise of 2 levels approximately 300 square meters per level, the new headquarter for Restaff holds over 100+ personnel including operations and production staff. 


The design themes for this space Young, Energetic, Open, and Collaborative. These were the four key elements which we incorporated into the design of this space. The main idea is to foster creativity and boost energy and moral through the use of accent colors. We wanted to create a place to satisfy the existing staff and attract future employees by making the office "staff-centered". 

We do this by creating spaces that cater to the needs and welfare of the employees such as informal meeting areas, relaxing spaces, stretching areas, co-mingling stations, private talking area, and many others. 


With a tight budget and fast-track deadline, we were able to design and fit-out this entire 600 square meter space within 4 weeks from conception to completion.

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20-B Doan Huu Trung, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Vietnam.

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