This is the future we are heading to.

A few more years from now, designers, contractors, and the owner sit together around the table. There is one big federated BIM model on the table center, while others are navigating their model on iPads. Just another meeting with issues to be crossed out.

The designer tweaks her model and proposes her ideas. Then advice is given by the construction guy after simulating her proposal for site feasibility.

The BIM guy converts these feedbacks into the model data, then shows his time-cost analytics and prediction, powered by machine learning on past projects.

After observing all the discussions at the back, the owner is now clear of all his risks. He makes the final call.

A typical BIM coordination meeting with TBF.

How we are getting there

BIM the right way:

  • Effective

  • People > Process > Tech

  • Planning & communication: BEP, training, coaching

Coordination, collaboration, communication

Support BIM Gov

Regular BIM insights for community

R&D Team

What we are offering.

BIM Outsourcing

BIM Consulting


effective BIM for developers, owners

1. BIM Coordination

2. BIM Quantities
     + Cost Management

3. BIM Construction 

Company base

gradually/ overcome resistance/ empathy?

Consulting team:

Senior BIM Consultant & BIM Director.

Paul Millward.

Industry Experience: 46 years

BIM Experience: 21 years


Authorize Project BIM Execution Plan.

Responsible for all BIM services.

Key contact for senior-level discussions.

BIM Consultant.

Nhut Pham.

Industry Experience: 6 years

BIM Experience: 6 years


Develop Project BIM Execution Plan.

Organize BIM trainings, presentations.

Key contact for BIM consulting, business admin.

Project BIM Manager.

Hieu Doan.

Industry Experience: 5 years

BIM Experience: 5 years


Develop Project BIM Execution Plan.

Manage BIM project, organize BIM uses.

Key contact for project execution.

Who we helped.

Who joined the BIM journey...

Typical outcomes observed so far

  • Clashes found per project, at least

  • Est time & cost savings

  • XX Companies known about the process

The BIM journey is not only ours.

It can be yours.

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