BIM Technology.

Accelerating the technology of BIM and VDC.


We are constantly looking for ways to transform the built environment with advanced technological tools and applications.


A few of our main focuses are:


+ 3D Scan to BIM.

+ bimsync.

+ LOD Planner.

+ ecodomus.

+ ArchiCAD Solutions & Support.


Our on-going research and development initiative:

+ Creative Processing for Architects.

+ AR - VR - Immersive Technology.

+ Integrated Design Process.

+ Modular Fabrication Technology (MOD-FAB-TEC).

+ Building Information Manufacturing.

+ Automated Building Assembly Technology.

We aim to take advancements of BIM and VDC technology to the next level.

We are leading the 3D scan to BIM technology in Vietnam.

Making 3D scanning data collection, management and translation simple and affordable for everyone on every project.


A "3D scan" is a powerful virtual recording utilizing laser technology to capture a building’s shape and forms while converting the various surfaces into a cloud of data points that can be imported or transform into a BIM model. This technology is the best way to capture an existing building without drawings or verifying the accuracy of a design. 


We are able to:


  • Scan the entire building.

  • Scan topography to capture landscape contour.

  • Scan a room to accurately measure dimensions.


This inventive process gives the user the ability to record information faster and perform 3D scanning in real-time and whenever necessary without the complicated set-up and time-consuming process of traditional field-scanning approach. 


Want to find out how it works? Let's do a test for you to see. Send us an email and tell us what you need to scan.


We are proud to use our valued partner's high-resolution reality capture technology from Hexagon's Geosystems. 


To find out more about this 3D scanning technology, check out Leica Geosystems website


bimsync by Catenda.

Build Better Together.


bimsync by Catenda saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud-based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive. For software developers, the bimsync platform provides the building blocks for the next BIM-ready product or tool.

Based 100% on open standards. 

Projects become smooth to run: you reduce risk, increase value and build better together.

bimsync Arena

Share and communicate issues, visualize BIM models in 2D/3D/4D and enrich models with documents and relevant information.​

bimsync Boost

Hosted BIM models for integration in your own software. Implement any of our APIs with help from our expert developers.


Making BIM simple for everyone.

We believe in simple BIM planning. 


TBF has partnered with LOD Planner to bring the next evolution of BIM execution and modeling planning to Vietnam. As an exclusive partner, TBF now has the capacity to support and service LOD Planner throughout the region. 


LOD planner is an application that could easily and collaboratively plan model progression on all BIM projects. 


BIM is already complicated enough. Especially when you are starting your first BIM project or your 100th BIM project, LOD Planner simplifies that process by creating a simple user interface for the manager to pick and choose the planning tools to make the modeling process as easy as ordering a latte. 


Want to learn more about this amazing application? Check out the LOD Planner website or visit our landing page to get all the insights on this awesome platform. 



  • BIM for visualization.

  • Feedback from contractors and FM.

  • Design-intent attributes.


  • Planning renovations in 3D BIM.

  • Enhanced condition assessment.

  • Maintaining as-builts models.


  • BIM is updated to 3D as-builts.

  • Installation attributes.

  • Linked documents to BIM.


  • BIM for energy analysis.

  • 3D visualization for work orders.

  • Space Optimization.

  • Shutdown planning.

  • Risk management.

  • Improved spare parts procurement.

  • Business process visualization.

  • Tenant comfort management.


Digitizing the world's capital assets.




TBF is proud to announce the partnership of ecodomus to supply services and support for Vietnam. We are the very experts in the country who are capable of delivering the proper ecodomus solutions in Vietnam. 


With ecodomus, we can support you and your team to create the right assets and manage the BIM models during the design and operation phases.


  1. EcoDomus has delivered more As-Built BIM for FM and COBie projects than all other software companies in the world combined – Unique Experience.

  2. EcoDomus is working with the top clients in the world and is implementing best practices from the leading facility owners – Best Practices.

  3. EcoDomus PM/FM software has more BIM/FM/COBie features than any other BIM for FM software – Higher Quality of Data at Lower Cost.


Want to find out how we can help you with ecodomus? 

Creative process for architects. 

Accelerating the technology of BIM and VDC.


An integrated design process to put the power of design and creative back in the hands of architects through the use of dynamo, grasshopper, and ARCHICAD or Revit.


One of the most time-consuming aspects of an Architect's responsibility is to make sure that the design team understands the unique creative process and making sure to keep the design consistent with the company's philosophy and style. This usually translates to a lot of wasted time with constant creating and transferring the creative process to the team - especially when there are new team members.


By focusing on information transfer, this takes away valuable time from the creativity and the focus on design - which what Architects are paid to do. Instead, most Architects find themselves teaching how the team should design and not able to design themselves. 


This process is most suited for small to mid-size firms with 10 designers or more. By streamlining the creative conceptual design process - consistency in drawings, style, output - it allows for these firms to efficiently complete conceptual designs faster and more consistent. This means it can allow the firm to focus on the real value of the company by being more creative and complete more work with fewer resources. 


Want to find out how good we are? Send us an email and let us show you. 


Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology.

This is no longer the futuristic kind of stuff. VR and AR are here and they are simpler to use now than ever. We all know what Virtual Reality (VR) is, but what is exciting is the advancement of AR which stands for Augmented reality. AR is a direct or indirect live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information - using products such as an iPad or tablet. At TBF, we are utilizing existing augmented applications and technology to further develop augmented solutions to better the design and building processes. 


Our focus is to equip every new residential development we build in Vietnam with augmented technology to create a more dynamic environment for everyone. Since we are building the virtual model of the building we can develop augmented sensors into the actual building at virtually no costs. 


If you are interested in adding augmented or virtual reality to your next project, let us know and we can show you how to get the best solutions at the most affordable prices.


Integrated Design Process.

We aim to simplify this process by making a design tool as easy as playing a game. 


Determining the requirements for a specific type of development is a pain. From the need to hire a feasibility consultant to the architect and engineer in order to just simply understand what can be built on the existing site is a costly and time consuming process.


With our IDP tool, we are simplifying that entire process. Our easy to use application allow anyone to simply input the site requirements, design criteria, and then the financial capabilities, then with a push of a button, the application shoots out a design concept of an ideal development with the maximum IRR for that particular site.


This tool is currently under development by our technology team and should be ready for everyone to use by 2019. 


Coding, Scripting & Programming.

At TBF, we are techy-enthusiasts and technologists who love to explore new technological fronteirs. Therefore, we pride ourselves in the process of re-writing the standards and explore new grounds that can help everything we do in our industry. We love to do things no one does, or at the very least expand on the existing applications and products.


From writing scripts to quickly and efficiently create BIM products using Dynamo and Rhino, to generate add-ins to existing platforms in order to make our jobs of model generation easier. 


We know that the future is here and understanding the process of how we will work in the future is critical to our success. Therefore, we have a team which focuses purely on the research & development of the latest and greatest BIM applications on the market. 

Modular fabrication technology.

Redefining the fabrication process and creating a modular solution for the building industry.


TBF Technology and THE FAB FACTORY is using the BIM processes to collaborate with general contractors and construction managers to prefabricate and install building components, such as façade assembly, architectural elements, mechanical equipment, plumbing infrastructure, and even complete modular assembled components. We called this process Modular Fabrication Technologies (MOD-FAB-TEC)


Because BIM allows fabrication and modularity to be flexible no matter how unique and customized the designs are, as long as there is a constructible BIM model and process is created for this purpose, we have the solutions to fabricate it and install it.


Building information manufacturing.

Our industry will be forced to adapt manufacturing in the same way computer-aided design did for the design industry. 

We believe that computer-aided fabrication and manufacturing will be the future of our Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry through the process of BIM and VDC. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is at a turning point for the building industry with the incorporation uses of BIM and the virtual process. We refer to this integrated process delivery model as Modular Fabrication Technology.

TBF Technology along with THE FAB FACTORY is developing a method we called MOD-FAB-TEC that enables the modular BIM design along with fabrication technology and assembly from the virtual environment directly linked to the fabrication machines for seamless manufacturing delivery.


Relying on existing CAM technologies, coupled with BIM processes, to deliver ready-to-install modules in a controlled factory environment. This process not only reduces the time and cost of production but also a primary driver of lean construction technology to streamline the entire construction process. 


Automated building assembly technology.

Utilizing automated technology to construct and assemble buildings. 


The foundation of TBF Technology research and development is the creation of the automated assembled system for buildings. Currently, under R&D, the TBF's Automated Building Assembly Technology (ABAT) is an advanced process of assembling modular and prefabricated building components directly on-site through the use of automation technology. 


Similar to an automated process in a factory, the ABAT is a system that utilizes the latest technology in robotics with the incorporation of BIM | VDC to construct an entire building of prefabricated and modular components on the construction site. As a research project at MIT in 2004, our founder has been developing this technology for the past decade. With the advancement of BIM, manufacturing, prefabrication, AI, and robotics, the ABAT will scheduled to become a reality as early as 2020.

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