Are you a talented Architect looking to take on new fun and unique challenges to reinvent the ways we design and engineer our buildings? 

Tired of doing the same boring design process in architecture? 


Well, we have a perfect position for you!! We are an integrated building technology company who are creating new and innovative ways to design, engineer, and construct buildings. 


Want to know how to REALLY design in BIM and VDC? I know a lot of companies claim they work with BIM, but no one works with BIM like us!! After all, we are THE BIM FACTORY and that's all we do!


We can show you the real integrated BIM design process and once we do, you will be in awe and on your way to changing how buildings are designed in no time. 


Now for the typical job descriptions and requirements of what we are looking for:

We are currently seeking an experienced Technical Architectural Designer with a minimum of 3-5 years of industry experience for our BIM Design division. In this position, as a Technical Architectural Designer, you will collaborate with the architectural and interior team to develop appropriate design solutions as well as coordinate the design phases from concept through the construction documentation phase of the project. 


The most important aspect of this position requires knowledge in the development of technical drawings, the creation of technical details, develop an entire set of documentation requirements for different phases of the design project along with vast understanding and knowledge of the building codes and regulations of Vietnam. 

Duties | Responsibilities

  • Work with the CEO, Design Director(s) and project team(s) leaders in phases of conceptual designs, presentations, design development, and production.

  • Undertake design project from concept to completion.

  • Work with the team to define project requirements and schedule during the “brief”.

  • Take the team out for beers and make the CEO pay for it at least twice a month. 

  • Assist in developing the strategy for production and construction documents including the design standards definition for each project.

  • Oversee data definition and element coordination within BIM (Revit or CAD) based on set construction elements and standards.

  • Assist the team to establish design standards, space planning, and programming based on clients' functional and spatial requirements.

  • Using site surveys, design sketches, and other inputs, prepare digital architectural models using REVIT and based on BIM standards.

  • Coordinate with consultants, contractors, fabricators, and regulatory agencies to meet overall project objectives.

  • Work with the team to resolve complex design issues, specifically in the area of codes & regulations.

  • Support in the production of high-quality graphical presentations, 3D renderings, and construction drawings.

  • Assist in managing client expectations, team communication, and consultant coordination.

  • Contribute to the company's activities, initiatives, and learning programs.

  • Ability to help and organize charity activities with HR to help the community. 

  • ​Interpret and translate customer needs into rough plans.

  • Support the QS team to set costs and project fees in accordance with the budget.

  • Supervise work progress with the entire design team (Architecture, Structure, MEP, and Interior).

  • Work closely with architects, engineers, sub-contractors, and constructors.


  • Bachelors’ Degree in Architecture.

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in architecture projects.

  • Must be a motivated self-starter with the ability to problem solve both individually and as a part of a project team.

  • Proficiency in the use of 2D/3D software, including AutoCAD, Sketchup, PhotoShop, and Illustrator.

  • Wanting to know how to code or programming - we can teach you. 

  • Understanding and willing to learn Revit and ArchiCAD. (Having proficient knowledge of either software is a plus).

  • Understanding of 3D Studio Max and InDesign is a plus.

  • Likes to drink and have fun once in a while.

  • Knowledge of materials and construction techniques.

  • Expert knowledge of local building codes.

  • Signing or play a musical instrument is a plus.

  • Proficient in English and Vietnamese spoken and writing skills.

  • Strong organizations skills and the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time.

  • Likes to play foosball or outing activities with other team members. 

  • Strong graphical and visualization skills to communicate design ideas. is a plus.




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